Before you venture into the world of poker, you should know that, there are benefits and disadvantages, of playing poker. Poker has numerous benefits, but it has also downfalls. The most important thing that you must have when playing any type of game, is patience. Playing poker the whole day can be extremely tiring. Sitting the whole day in front of a computer, can literally make you insane.

If you are playing this game for a living, you need to have mental discipline and have a steady game plan. It is advisable to have a record of how many hours you should play daily and your profit for the whole day. It is prudent to do this one month before you switch to become a full time player. This will give you time to analyze your play and you will also find out, how much money you are going to make.

The downfall of playing poker is that, there is no set income. There are some months which you are going to experience a loss. You should be able to cope with this and have confidence that you are going to win. You are also going to face a lot of challenges, along the way; therefore you have to be prepared for this. Another drawback is exhaustion. You are going to be tired because you will be playing the game the whole day. In case you are playing high limits it is not actually a must that you play the whole day to make some good money.

Another disadvantage is reduced family time. You will spend less time with your life because you must make money by playing poker. You should be prepared to play the game any time and you have to spend a lot of time on your laptop, especially on losing months.

There are many benefits of playing poker. One advantage is that, you can choose any time that is convenient to you to play the game. One thing about most online poker players is that they can’t handle swings, which are unavoidable. It is good to deal with swings regularly. You should also be dedicated to the game, even when the game is not going in your way. Another benefit of playing poker is that, it is not tiresome. What you need is a computer and fast internet connection.