There are poker gamblers and there are poker gamblers, some like to approach the game without any risky chances while others like to include the element of risk through bluffing. But this later procedure is not for everyone, especially if you are new to poker games. Bluffing actually means to induce your opponents into believing that you have a good hand when in fact it is exactly the opposite.

But the same can go for the reverse situation: you can have a good hand and suggest that you have the opposite of it. Depending on who was your mentor into this, you have good chances to bluff without being noticed but also poor chances into bluffing where your opponents reveal your bluffing. It is therefore very important to know when and where to do this. Throughout this article I will try to suggest some aspects that you need to consider before you venture into the world of poker bluffing and deception.

  • One thing to take into account is the certainty that you have a good technique into bluffing because you wouldn’t want to get caught with it. This will only make you feel ridicule showing others that you are not aware of what you are doing.
  • Maybe the best poker game to try bluffing is Texas Hold’Em because it can be as well played online and you have the chance to bluff only once with every game. It is essential to reach for bluffing as rarely as possible because it is practically impossible to do it each time without being noticed eventually.
  • The right moment to bluff is when you have a good position at the table when you are not the first one to place the bet. This will give you time to think whether to bluff or not until your turn comes to place the bet. You will see what the others move is around the poker table and then decide your move as well: to bluff or not to bluff.
  • In case the opponents before you have folded you can raise the pot irrespective of the hand you hold. Thus the other players will think that you hold a good hand and they will fold for not losing their money. If you know how to continue the betting you will determine them to fold and then you can take the pot.
  • Make sure that the bluffing has a perfect timing when your poker opponents try to find ways to fold. When you place a big bet always show a serious face that indicates you have a winning hand while their hand can not compare to yours.
  • It is very important on the other hand to know your opponents because in this way you can predict their moves, although this cannot be always a way to go around with poker bluffing techniques. Consider that you are not the only at the table who knows these tricks and for this fact everybody will try to be more chameleonic for spreading more confusion related to their style of poker playing.