Mike Matusow is a professional poker player who does everything he can to win the game, Hence why he has given the nickname of ‘The Mouth’. He is an excellent poker player who has seen the potential in up and coming poker players and has given a hand when he thought they needed one.

Mike Matusow was given the nickname of ‘The Mouth’ due to the fact that he has a reputation for trash-talking other players and their hands at the poker table. This generally isn’t considered good table manners, but he does it anyway. On occasion, it has sent more than one of his competitors to go on tilt, or just plain act really bad. He also has a way of ruining an hour’s worth of play, or even days, due to a bad judgment call. Mike Matusow also has the nicknames

Of ‘Mike Matusow Blow Up’, and ‘Mike Matusow Meltdown’. These can become obvious if you sit and watch him play.

Mike Matusow was born on April 30, 1968, in Los Angeles, California He had his first experience with poker when he was eighteen years old at the Maxim Casino playing a simple game of video poker. From then on he became addicted and regularly went back to play those same slot machines. He played so much that he even caused himself to get an injury, repetitive strain injury. Sometimes he occasionally stole money from his mother’s purse so that he can go play the slots if he did not have enough money to play that day. He eventually got to the point in which he attended Gamblers Anonymous meetings. In 1989 he was taught Texas Hold ‘Em by Steve Samaroff. Once he knew how to play Texas Hold’Em he got seriously into gambling which was in the early 1990s. During that time he was working as a poker dealer which kept him in the casinos for most of his time.

Some of the successes that Mike Matusow has achieved over the year including being a three-time bracelet winner in the World Series of Poker events, and he became the winner of the 2005 ‘World Series of Poker Champions Tournament’. Some of his other accomplishments during his career as a professional poker player include a total of four overall bracelets earned. Mike Matusow has finished and placed in numerous tournaments including the 2005 World Series of Poker event, and in 2001 he took sixth place in a No-Limit Hold’Em Main event in the World Series of Poker. In 2005 in a World Series of Poker event in which Mike Matusow placed ninth place he won one million dollars in prize money.

Although he might not be the most liked person in the World Series of Poker or even in any poker game all together he has a decent way of playing the game. Plus he plays it well. He might be called ‘The Mouth’ for a reason, but that reason is deliberate to psych his opponent’s out. His strategy overall does work according to all his wins, and the money that he has received for winning those. So next time you play Texas Hold’Em remembers to psych them out.