Getting Rich with Chris Moneymaker

Being imaginative about your career pays off There is a certain humor in the name Chris Moneymaker especially if you realize that he is in fact a very successful poker player. When I was reading up on his profile, this is one of the things that made me think and jump straight to his autobiography. […] Read More

Justin Cuong Van Tran:- J.C. Tran

J.C Tran, Justin Cuong Van Tran, is known for his nickname ‘just call’. He has a way of calling just about anything to see a little bit of action. J.C Tran was born on January 20, 1977, in Vietnam. Although he was born in Vietnam he didn’t stay in Vietnam. He is a Vietnam-American poker […] Read More

Sexiest Movement of Daniel Negreanu

There are so many poker players out in the world today that are highly recognizable, and others are not. One of the more recognizable poker players is Daniel Negreanu. Daniel Negreanu was born on July 26, 1974, born in Toronto, Canada. He was born to Annie and Constantin Negreanu. Daniel started out when he was […] Read More

Chris Ferguson the ‘Jesus’ Among Pros

There have been so many pro poker players through the years that it might be hard to differentiate between one and the other. There are also some very recognizable names in this business, and one of them includes Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson. Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson was born on April 11, 1963, in Los Angeles. Chris Ferguson […] Read More

Multi-Talented Jamie Gold

Multi-talented people are a rare quantity these days, but Jamie Gold seems to fit the bid. He is the trifecta of talent; a poker player, a talent agent, and an American Television Producer. He shows you that you can multiple things, and be successful all at the same time. We will be talking about one […] Read More

Dashing Poker Player Joe Cada

Many of the professional poker players out there are of an older generation and have been playing the game for so long that they know the ins and outs of the game. They know how to read people, and know when to bet and fold. But older isn’t always better. Joe Cada, the youngest champion […] Read More

Joe Hachem: – Crown Casino in Melbourne

Most of us who have watched the World Series of Poker or any other poker series online have heard of Joe Hachem or Diamond Joe. He is a professional poker player who is advanced in his gameplay. He may not have won that many bracelets along the way, but he sure did not some people […] Read More

Hasan Habib at His Finest Moments

A unique addition to the poker community Born in Pakistani and having emigrated to the United States of America, Hasan Habib is one of a kind in poker circles. The sport does not always lend itself to big personalities because some people prefer to play the game in privacy and do not really talk about […] Read More