Multi-talented people are a rare quantity these days, but Jamie Gold seems to fit the bid. He is the trifecta of talent; a poker player, a talent agent, and an American Television Producer. He shows you that you can multiple things, and be successful all at the same time.

We will be talking about one of Jamie Gold’s many talents, and that is playing poker. Jamie Gold was born on August 25, 1969. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He is known for his win his winning of the World Series of Poker Main Event tournament in the year 2006. He currently now divides his time between his entertainment company, Buzznation, and his major poker tournament fun. His entertainment company is now based in Malibu, California.

Although you may know him as Jamie Gold that was not the original name that he was born with. He was born as Jamie M. Usher, but he became Jamie Gold after his mother remarried and the court changed his name. Although Jamie gold was interested in poker games he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Entertainment Law.

Jamie Gold’s interest in poker began when he was a young boy. His mother in fact was an excellent poker player who was keen, and able to outplay many others. So, no doubt, she taught him a lot of what he knows today. But his real interest in poker comes from when he began to work with several of the big-name poker players out there including Chris Moneymaker, and Johnny Chan. He worked alongside them on a television show while Chan coached him in poker on the sidelines.

Jamie Gold has made a miraculous win in the 2006 World Series of poker and guesses how he did it. According to him, it was blueberries. He told the press that it was brain food and a major reason why he ended up winning the tournament in the first place. It may sound ridiculous, but it does have some truths and it did work for him. He beat the odds and won one of the hardest poker tournaments available out there packed full of professional poker players.

Although Jamie Gold did win the 2006 World Series of Poker tournament that doesn’t mean that it was full of controversy. Jamie worked with a company called Bodog entertainment to persuade celebrities to join in on the World Series of Poker events. He was to find celebrities willing to play in what was the main event under that company’s logo, sponsorship. If these celebrities agreed to the deal then they would have paid their entrance fee into that World Series of Poker event. The whole controversy was that Gold partnered with a many by the name of Crispin Leyser. The deal that those two had was to share half of the money that Jamie Gold made, but Jamie Gold won the tournament but decided to keep all the money to himself. This controversy ended up in Leyser suing Gold for his rightful share to which they agreed to in the first place. The judge allowed Leyser half, which was six million dollars instead of the twelve that he has originally won. The sponsorship company ended its relationship with Gold and decided to end all marketing incentives outside of the United States.

Although Jamie Gold’s career was filled with controversy lately doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good poker player. Playing poker is different from playing live. Gold decided to go about things his own way, but that doesn’t change that he is a professional poker player and will always be.