Most of us who have watched the World Series of Poker or any other poker series online have heard of Joe Hachem or Diamond Joe. He is a professional poker player who is advanced in his gameplay. He may not have won that many bracelets along the way, but he sure did not some people out of the tournaments.

Joe Hachem was born on March 11, 1966. He is a Lebanese-Australian poker player who was born in Lebanon. At the age of six, Joe and his family moved to Australia. Joe worked as a chiropractor for thirteen years until he found out that he has a rare blood disorder that affected his hands which didn’t allow him to continue his work as a chiropractor. Joe Hachem took some time off of work to consider his options on what to do next in his life. While Joe Hachem was trying to decide what he wanted to do with his future he was beginning to play poker more and more. He played both in the casinos, and online as well. While playing poker Joe Hachem had a tendency to get angry which he knew he had to overcome or he was never going to get far in playing poker. He started his looking for what he wanted to do in 1995, and in 2000 after years of playing casual poker in casinos or online, he started playing in regular tournaments at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. When Joe played in these tournaments he usually ended up winning the money or finishing in the money. He played a few more years at these small tournaments before he set his eyes on the prize. The World Series of Poker in the gambling capital Las Vegas, Nevada.

When Joe Hachem entered the World Series of Poker tournament he wasn’t a fairly well-known professional poker player yet. Two weeks before Joe Hachem had been signed up to buy-in for the tournament he went to look for another tournament to play in, a smaller one and one that didn’t hold much prestige. He ended up finishing in tenth place in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’Em tournament. He ended up winning that tournament and walking away with an extra $25,850. One of the players that were in this tournament made a comment about Joe Hachem saying that he is the new Australian champion for the World Series of Poker. Little did they know that what they said actually became the truth? Joe Hachem beat out 5,618 other poker places to win the 2005 World Series of Poker event. Joe Hachem took first place, won a bracelet, won seven million five hundred thousand, and got his name in the books.

Joe Hachem has placed in plenty of poker tournaments to be considered one of the professional poker players. He has a hard strategy, hence his nickname Diamond Joe, that is hard to break. He knows his own strategy, and he tries to figure out others as well. He may not be as famous as some of the other professional poker players, but he is enjoyable to watch and one day he will be at one of the top spots in the best poker players in the world.