A unique addition to the poker community

Born in Pakistani and having emigrated to the United States of America, Hasan Habib is one of a kind in poker circles. The sport does not always lend itself to big personalities because some people prefer to play the game in privacy and do not really talk about their background or how they came to play the poker game. However, I had the opportunity to read the biography and the achievements of Hasan Habib and I have to say that I was mightily impressed both by his background and what he has managed to achieve in a relatively short time. It can take a lifetime to try and build what Hasan Habib has been able to build in his career and he is not just a poker fanatic but someone who has a rich lifestyle that is full of different moments. It would be insulting to even attempt to put his biography into a small essay such as this but I have chosen the elements of his profile that interest me most to take my own perspective on things.

Coming from Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those nations that have made incredible strides in the modern age. Full of a diverse group of people with great aspirations, there are very many Pakistani people in the Diaspora. It is interesting that such a great role model as Hasan Habib has chosen poker to showcase his talents and his personal drive. It must serve as a great inspiration for all those people in the Diaspora to be able to point to a great within the poker game. The very fact that Hasan decided to immigrate to the United States of America shows a certain level of imagination and ambition. Not many people will want to leave their homeland and the familiar surroundings that they have grown up with in order to make their fortune in a far off land. Anyone who can achieve this fit deserves great praise and goes up in my estimation. It is therefore not surprising that Hasan Habib has been able to achieve so much within so little time. The signs of his future greatness were there even at the very beginning of his career.

The personality

Those who know him say that Hasan Habib gives the impression of being very low key but is exceptionally good at what he does. These are the kinds of qualities that you would like in a poker player. It is well known that the poker game is based on the premise of creating a charade. This charade manipulates feelings and actions to outwit the opponent. If you have a face and personality that is happy to give everything away then you will not be very successful at poker. Certainly, at the very highest echelons of the game, you will be blown away. I was also impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit which started when he opened a video store during college and has continued with his real estate businesses in adulthood. This shows a man who is going to places.