Being imaginative about your career pays off

There is a certain humor in the name Chris Moneymaker especially if you realize that he is in fact a very successful poker player. When I was reading up on his profile, this is one of the things that made me think and jump straight to his autobiography. You can normally tell that a person is fun to be with if their name immediately makes you smile. I know that a name is not something that they will have had control in creating but this is only in relation to the first name. The second name is a humorous homage to the poker game. I am an absolute sucker for this sort of thing and the moment I say the name I decided that this was going to be one of the poker player profiles that I would be reviewing in my series.

A change in profession

A curious by the interesting facet of Chris Moneymaker is that he was once an accountant. Clearly, this is a person who had a very good profession but decided that poker was the game for him. I think that it takes a lot of courage to completely change careers. This is not one of those people who believe in the mantra that you can have a job for life without putting any effort into looking for alternative careers. This is what normally happens to people when they are working in public service and end up staying for years without getting any sort of career development. I am one of those people who firmly believe that sometimes career change is called for and it takes someone of particular business acumen to recognize this and be able to take up the mantra and the opportunities that may present themselves for a career change. In the case of Chris Moneymaker, the decision seems to have been a great success.

A family man who created a lot from humble beginnings

 The profile of Chris Moneymaker has an homage to his rags to riches story. Apparently, there were times when he did not even have the money to attend an international tournament. However, it is now inconceivable that he would ever be in such a situation again. I know that there are many clichés that relate to the many sob stories that we hear of people who have come from nothing to reach the very top of their profession. Some of these stories are told with a level of insincerity that is frankly embarrassing. In the case of Chris Moneymaker, I completely buy it because it is not some grandiose story about improbable events but a description of the real life challenges that ordinary people face when they are trying to get into a lucrative business. Some people argue that Chrism Moneymaker got to where he was through luck but disagree with such an analysis because you cannot sustain a whole career based on luck alone. You might get a good or two or even several but you will not be lucky all the time. If someone is winning consistently then it means they are doing something right.