Many of the professional poker players out there are of an older generation and have been playing the game for so long that they know the ins and outs of the game. They know how to read people, and know when to bet and fold. But older isn’t always better. Joe Cada, the youngest champion ever, brings out a whole new twist to the game of Texas Hold’Em.

Joe Cada was born on November 18, 1987, in Township, Michigan. Joe Cada was born into a family that was centered on poker. His mother at the time was a blackjack dealer at the Motor City Casino. So, his mother was in the casinos a lot, and I’m sure brought back stories that interested the young Joe Cada.

Joe Cada didn’t start out as most professional poker players do. He started out online and continued to play online till he hit the major tournaments. Cada started playing online poker at the mere age of sixteen. Joe and his older brother created accounts on two different web sites, and put their money in. Joe had lost all the money in both those sites before long. The first account that Joe Cada had created was at Party Poker. Although technically in the United States he wasn’t legally allowed to play he realized that in Canada you had to be nineteen to play online. Joe waited a while after he lost the money in those accounts before he made the brief trip to go to the Windsor casino in Canada so that he can play there legally. He then eventually earned enough in the casinos in Canada to buy himself into tournaments in Costa Rica, and the Bahamas.

Joe Cada is now a representative of Poker Stars in which he plays over two thousand hands a day under the username of jcada99. If you can go and win a hand against him then good for you. Joe Cada has been playing professionally for six years before he won his World Series of Poker title. Joe Cada was busy between the years 2008, and November of 2009 Joe Cada has made a total of $551,788 dollars in profit online. When Joe Cada had entered the World Series of Poker tournament he still didn’t have enough to enter the tournament yet so he sought out alternative sources, and that happened to be Eric Haber and Cliff Josephy. They paid his online fee in exchange for half of what he could win at the tournament. Since he was being sponsored he has had three in the money finishes. In 2009 he won the tournament that put him on the board. He had won the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. Joe Cada is a new player to the game, and yet he beat out several professional poker players who have won several events in the past. He has accomplished the very thing that gave him the record of the youngest champion ever.

Joe Cada might be the youngest champion so far, but don’t expect him to go anywhere anytime soon. He will be around for decades to come winning bracelets, and finishing in tournaments. It started out as a fascination and a want to play poker online and turned around to be him winning on the poker table. This is only the beginning of the Joe Cada legend.